-We are well established fast growing company specialized in marketing, importing, promoting and selling chemicals, scientific instruments, laboratories apparatus and supplies for our scientific & medical field especially for our pharmaceutical manufacture accounts.

-we started in 1996 with three people, now we are twelve people.


As customer focused policy where we are focusing our activities for our customer needs from the AVANCED TECHNOLOGIES provided through one channel in a very advanced level of products, supply chain maintenance and 


 We are the first organization in our field established training center for our highly advanced products for the detection methods of Gel clot, kinetic turbidmetry & chromaganic assays.

Our policy:

As a clean room and microbiology home of supplying what our customers need of supplying what are our customers need of complete solution of our advanced products delivery that are coming from one supplier(ATG)

-our successes are bended for innovating principles commercial references, our highly talented stuff deeply understanding the field and its requirements and our intelligent end users. 

  Our mission:

-To be positioned as the Egyptian 's number one products supplier and service provider by introducing new products to our field .

Contact us:

33 ibn quotiba street, el zohor distric,nasr city,  

Tel: +20224017382
Fax: +20224017382

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